The Great Neg Sale

The Great Neg Sale!

Being a long term photographic studio, we have an extensive archive of negatives dating back to when we opened in November 1981. Our photographs were taken on both 120 and 35mm film and stored in a safe environment to promote their longevity.

In 2005, we changed from negatives to a fully digital set up. With this change and a decrease in the amount of storage space we have available, we are now offering all our clients the opportunity to buy their negative files.

The negative files come as is.

Some of the negatives will be masked while others will be filed in negative sleeves. Most negative files from portrait sessions (outdoor, studio, etc) will include proofs. Negatives will be in either 120mm or 35mm format. 


Digital Files – Photography after mid 2005

Any photographs taken after mid 2005 will be digital only. You are welcome to purchase a USB of high resolution jpegs from your photography shoot. Please enquire with us direct for a quote. Jpegs will be prepared to a print ready state, high resolution using the sRGB profile.



Frequently Asked Questions

When are the negative files from?
We have negatives from when the studio opened in 1981 through to our change over to digital in 2005.

Will I be able to get the negatives scanned?
Yes, many home scanners come with a 35mm/slide attachment but photo labs (and some mini labs) also scan negatives for you. 120mm negatives can also be scanned through photo labs or via film transfer service companies. We are happy to make a recommendation for you.

Can you post my negatives?
Yes we can post, the cost is usually $10 including registration but can vary depending on Australia Post costings. International pricing is available upon request.

Do you have negatives from other photographers who used to be in Bathurst?
Unfortunately no we do not have negatives from other photographers who have worked in Bathurst and surrounds. For historic negatives we suggest contacting the Bathurst Historic Society or using local forums/social media to see if they have any information.

Why do you have to quote for jpegs?
Any photographs taken after mid/late 2005 are digital files stored on disc. When we sell a set of jpegs, we always make them print ready, colour corrected and in high resolution. The time needed to do this varies with each photography session, for example a session of 50 images takes less time than a session of 150 images. Hence the time required varies and our quotes reflect a fair price for you based on the true time taken.


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