Frank Colzato, retirement after a career of 45 years




RE: Frank Colzato, retirement after a career of 45 years


After 45 continuous years as a professional photographer, Frank Colzato will retire on July 1, 2016. Frank has run his portrait studio in Bathurst for 35 years.

Frank began his career as a Press photographer at the Area News in Griffith. After being classically trained in a portrait studio, Frank relocated to Bathurst and opened his studio together with his wife, Shirley in November1981.

Frank has maintained standards of fine quality photography throughout his career. His specialisations are broad in scope, including portraiture, weddings and commercial photography. It is not uncommon for Frank to photograph a newborn baby, an industrial building and an extended family group in the same day.

“I came here to open my studio and I found so many people that I have made connections with. We knew nobody at first but we raised our family here, and it’s great to be part of this community”.

In his time, Frank has seen significant change in the industry both in how photographers approach the trade and how the product has developed and changed.

“The switch from film to full digital was significant for me. Film was safe and I knew everything about it. Digital was new and it took courage to put down the Hassleblad film camera in 2005 and never pick it up again. I don’t regret making the change. What digital is capable of now is unbelievable, when I started out I could have only dreamed of what is now possible”.

Digital photography saw an end to chemical handling and black and white darkroom printing in the studio.

“Generations of our clients will enjoy this period of photography as its environmentally friendly and has a superior archival value. My professional printing laboratory has moved to improve their environmental impact by having a Level 2 Green Certification, which focuses on waste, recycling, energy usage, etc”.


*** Ell asked Frank for some career highlights, here’s some gems:

  • “I was honoured to be named as one of the 200 Living Legends of Bathurst in the 2015 Bathurst 200 Celebrations and to be featured in the Peoplescape Exhibition where West Bathurst Pre School created an artwork of me and named me as a person of significance in their organisation. I have taken the West Bathurst Pre School photographs consecutively since 1982”.
  • “I have won a number of industry awards for my work and last year I became an accredited Australian Institute of Professional Photography Licentiate which is only achievable to long term professional photographers”.
  • “In 2007 I was on the floor at a local Pre School unpacking my photography gear and showing the children how I was setting up. I received a call asking if I could go photograph Prime Minister John Howard when I was finished the shoot. Two hours later I was in the media scrum at Mount Panorama”.
  • “A lot of my work is hanging in boardrooms and offices around the globe. It’s not only people, its scenes and places that I’ve photographed over time. My work is shown in books and journals, as well as promotion on television and websites”.
  • “Poor weather on a wedding day has never fazed me, I’ve had wind, sleet and snow but we’ve always come up with the goods”.
  • “It’s the unexpected things that you find along the journey that I love. What I’ve found is that I can’t do the portraits on my own. I rely on the people and I tell them that we are going to do this together”.


Frank’s last day is Friday July 1.



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Press release by Ellen Burrow – 25 May 2016